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NAF Canine Relief 250ml

NAF Canine Relief 250ml big image

Manufacturer: N.A.F.



NAF Canine Relief is a power herbal liquid for dogs that has been formulated specifically to provide joint comfort.

Containing Devil’s Claw, which has been proven to have anti-inflammatory properties, NAF Canine Relief has been made with a number of herbs known for their natural calming properties, and combined with a high concentration of naturally sourced antioxidants.

NAF Canine Relief is the ideal choice for older dogs and those prone to impaired movement, and stiff joints.

Water, Methyl Sulphonyl Methane, Glycerine

Additives (per litre):
Devil's Claw Tincture 325ml, Blueberry Tincture 0.29ml, Ginger Tincture 0.29ml, Ginkgo Tincture 0.29ml, Liquorice Tincture 0.22ml, Milk Thistle Tincture 0.66ml, Omicha Tincture 0.29ml, Oregano Tincture 5.90ml, Rose (Rosehip) Tincture 0.59ml, Turmeric Tincture 0.37ml


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